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Safety Tips for Dogs & Cats on Rainy Days

Dogs & Cats are well-known for their devotion, love and playful behavior. However, just like humans they also seek shelter during bad weather, particularly when it’s raining. One common place where they often find shelter during rains is underneath parked cars. While it may appear to be a secure environment, some procedures and practices can ensure safety. In this blog, we will look at the best practices that should be followed by humans towards the protection of dogs & cats seeking shelter under cars during the rainy season, to help both pet owners and concerned individuals in providing the best care possible.

How to ensure safety for Dogs & Cats Seeking Shelter under cars in the rain?

  • Stay alert & Observant

As you walk or drive during rainy weather, be attentive to your surroundings. Keep an eye out for stray dogs & cats seeking shelter under parked cars. By staying observant, you can identify their presence and take appropriate actions to assist them.

  • Approach with Care 

When you notice a dog or cat seeking shelter under a car, approach them slowly and gently. Avoid sudden movements or loud noises that might scare them away.

  • Assess the Environment

Take time to analyze the situation before turning ON the ignition of your vehicle. Examine the behavior and body language of dogs or cats. If they appear calm and quiet it is most likely he is seeking comfort in the rain. However, if they appear worried, or afraid it may indicate that he / she is seeking shelter out of fear or discomfort. 

  • Ensure Safety

While providing shelter, it is crucial to prioritize the dog or cat’s safety. Before starting your vehicle, double-check underneath and around it to ensure they have enough space to move away safely. Be cautious when driving in areas where dogs or cats might seek shelter under cars, especially during heavy rainfall. Always use your mirrors and check blind spots to avoid any accidents.

  • Offer Temporary Shelter

If you come across a dog or cat seeking shelter under your car and feel inclined to help, providing temporary shelter can be a considerate act. Carry an old towel, blanket, or a portable dog or cat shelter in your car, which can be used to create a safe space for them during rain showers. Once they are out, place the shelter or cover over a dry spot nearby, ensuring it is protected from rain and wind.

  • Provide Fresh Water and Food

In some cases, dogs or cats might seek shelter under cars due to thirst or hunger. If you notice them to be under your car, offer a small amount of freshwater and some dog-friendly or cat-friendly food. Make sure the food is healthy and appropriate for them. However, keep in mind that some dogs or cats are afraid of strangers, so approach with caution and respect their boundaries.

  • Seek Professional Assistance if Necessary

It is crucial to seek professional assistance if the dog or cat seems distressed or hurt. Contact your local veterinarian or any welfare organization and provide them with the required information regarding their condition and location. They will be properly equipped to handle the issue and protect them.


When it comes to dogs or cats seeking shelter underneath cars in the rainy season is very common. We can make a lot of difference in ensuring their safety by following these practices. Remember that a little love and understanding may go a long way toward making this world a more caring and safe place for all animals, no matter how small or vulnerable they are.

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